We offer a 3D solution for the daily forecast of meteorological fields and pollutant concentrations (gases and aerosols) at regional and urban scales.

Wind and NO2 mass air above Grenoble area

Map3D, the acronym for "Mesoscale Air Pollution 3D modelling", was developed by GAIASENS Technologies Sarl and received an INNOGRANT award at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Summer 2007 to move from a research phase to a professional product. Map3D is today successfully developed and is available for environmental administrations, urban air quality agencies, industries, and decision makers.


Our strengths:

  • Strong expertise in atmospheric science and software modelling
  • Daily forecast of ozone, NOx and particles over complex and mountainous terrains
  • Daily indicators calculation for localization of air mass ozone regime control
  • User friendly and customizable web-based interface
  • Impact scenario studies (new projects, infrastructure measures or short-term abatement policies)

Daily large scale simulations over Europe and the Alps are freely available here: Map3D Online

Latest News

May 2013 The Gaiasens Technologies Sarl, based in Martigny IdeArk, had a good media coverage. The journal "Le Temps" has devoted a major article to the young company - See more at : Journal article "Le Temps" and on The Ark blog

April 2013 Geneva daily air quality forecast system is operational from the 1st of April. The performance of the air quality forecast system are now testing every day.

December 2012 "Daily air quality simulation during the summer 2011/2012 in Switzerland - Statistical analysis of model results vs measurements" pdf - Map3D poster presentation at the 4th International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research (IWAQFR) workshop in Geneva, Switzerland.

September 2012 Gaiasens technology has been mandated by the city of Geneva and MeteoSwissto develop and implement a system for a 3 days air quality forecasting system for the Geneva area. The system should be operational by summer 2013 - Article Journal Le Temps.

April 2012 "Urban Planetary Boundary Layer investigations in cold season and complex topography in IASI city area using ESYROLIDAR" - Poster presentation at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012 in Vienna, 22 27 April 2012, Austria.

September 2011 "Daily air quality simulation during the summer 2010 in Switzerland - Statistical analysis of model results vs measurements" - Map3D poster presentation at the OTEM 2011 workshop in Bucharest, Romania.

April 2011 " Daily air quality forecast over Switzerland. Modeling tool description and analysis of the results for summer 2010." - MAP3D poster presentation at the 12th Swiss Global Change Day in Bern - Proclim 2011 organisation.

October 2010 "MAP3D: MesoScale Air Pollution modeling : Implementation in Romania and first data analysis" presentation at the OTEM 2010 workshop.

June 2010 New module accessible in Map3D to display and analyse vertical ozone profiles.

May 2010 Map3D interface accessible also in french and romanian.

April 2010 RADO Air Quality Modeling project with INOE and EnviroScopY for daily air quality forecast over Romania.

October 2009 Map3D presentation at the OTEM 2009 workshop.

September 2009 NABEL data access in realtime for Map3D validation over Switzerland.

April 2009 EGU Conference in Vienna poster entitled "Daily air quality forecast (gases and aerosols) over Switzerland, modeling tool description and first results analysis".

September 2008 PM2.5 forecasting and display of some major cities (pollutants concentration and meteorological fields)

August 2008 3 days air quality indicators, temperature and wind field forecasting over Europe and the Alps

July 2008 3 days air quality forecasting over the Alps online

June 2008 3 days air quality forecasting over Europe online

March 2008 End of the integration of the aerosols module MADE with MetPhomod mesoscale model

December 2007 Setting up the server Map3D to forecast air quality over the Alps

August 2007 INNOGRANTS EPFL awards allows the commencement of the project Map3D